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The most wonderful thing about this new technology is that NO HACKING IS REQUIRED. This method allows the solution to seep deep into the cracks of affected area, and through crystallisation, it hardens upon contact with concrete and thus sealing the cracks. This method is only applicable to indoor and outdoor, such as toilet, balcony and car porch areas.The result of solving leakage issues with our Micro Crystallisation Method; a clean, fast and hassle-free process and long lasting results.


Water seepages/leakages in buildings can be regarded as one of, if not, the most psychologically stressful building defect to tackle for property owners and managers alike. Pressure grouting involves the injection of a liquefied cementitious material, under pressure, into large voids, void spaces between soil particles, cracks. The process further requires that the grout gel or solidify within the areas treated.The main purposes of the permeation grouting are to improve support, strength, and function of a given media, element. or substance, i.e., concrete walls, pipes, blocks, gravel, cement columns, or soils.

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