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B4 Nano Coating is a water-based liquid formulation. It provides effective waterproofing and surface protection for a wide range of building surface types.


With viscosity close to that of water, NSC nanoparticles (NPs) are able to penetrate deeply into capillaries that no other elastomer or polymer can. This nanotechnology based composition guarantees effectiveness, prolonged lifetime of coated surfaces and ZERO visible change to the original look / shine of the substrate.

While traditional waterproofing coats simply create a "film" over the substrate which is subject to weather, wear and tear, NSC NPs embed themselves deep into the pores without clogging up the substrate. This method of treatment makes it virtually impossible to be damaged or corroded. It cannot be removed via mechanical or chemical means. 

Yet, due to the incredibly small particle size, NSC treated surfaces remain breathable. This is very important as

moisture will be able to escape frominside relieving negative pressure toprevent swelling, cracking and warping. 

NSC treated surfaces are also more UV resistant. This reduces the"yellowing" effect of surfaces under


Suitable for: 



RC roof

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